All on 4

In recent years, oral and dental health; It has become one of the factors determining the quality of life of individuals, and this has played a decisive role in dentists’ prosthetic planning. Applications that increase patient satisfaction, on the other hand, attract more attention.

One of the methods developed to replace teeth lost due to chewing, taste, speech, pain and appearance is an implant. However, in patients who have no teeth or are likely to be completely edentulous soon, Implant treatment; is longer and more costly. All-on-4 treatment is a fast and effective treatment method applied to eliminate cases that require advanced surgery due to sinus lift, bone addition and bone deficiency in patients with no teeth.

The All-on-4 treatment concept is the technique in which a fixed full chin prosthetic restoration is made on 4-6 implants on the same day as the surgical operation. It provides patient satisfaction by taking into account function, aesthetics, taste, speech and self-confidence.

How is All-On-4 treatment performed?

Titanium screw mechanism in conventional implants is used in All-on-4 treatment. The biggest difference between conventional implants and All-on-4 implants; how they are positioned in the mouth. While 8 or 10 implants are used to replace missing teeth in a completely edentulous jaw, only 4 implants are sufficient with this new technique.

In the front, 2 implants are placed in the thickest part of the bone, and 2 implants are placed in the back of the jawbone. While the anterior implants are placed at a 90 degree angle, the posterior implants are placed at a 45 degree angle for maximum stability. The next step after these 4 implants are placed, bridges or crowns are placed on the implants.

In All-on-4 treatment, temporary prostheses are prepared according to the measurements taken from the patients before the treatment. If the patient has teeth to be extracted under local anesthesia, they are extracted and their implants are placed. Temporary prostheses prepared by measuring are attached to these implants. After 3 months, the patient’s permanent prostheses are attached.

What are the advantages of All-On-4 treatment?

With All-on-4, the treatment is completed in a short time and it is possible to quickly regain a healthy appearance. It is more economical than the traditional implant method for patients who are completely edentulous or are likely to be completely edentulous. Angled implants take support from the area with better bone quality and prevent damage to anatomical structures. All-on-4 treatment is a long-term proven treatment with follow-up up to 10 years in the lower jaw and up to 5 years in the upper jaw.