Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation, which is frequently preferred by people who experience loss of eyebrows and eyebrows; It is done with special techniques and with the same precision as in hair transplantation.

One of the most important elements that emphasize the beauty of the face is the eyebrows. If the shape and thickness of the eyebrows are compatible with the face, a more meaningful, lively and youthful expression will be supported. Since the eyebrow area, which is the most striking place on your face, is the feature that indicates our expression, you should definitely try to make the right decision by doing extensive research when considering eyebrow transplant design.

Eyebrow shapes; In history, it has changed according to fashion and the perception of beauty. While thin, indistinct eyebrows have been admired and applied in the past, more natural, thick-looking eyebrows have been preferred and appreciated recently.

Today, eyebrow transplantation operations are one of the methods that provide the most natural appearance in order to thicken thin eyebrows and create the shape we want. Eyebrow transplant operations; It is preferred by women both because it provides a natural appearance and because it is permanent for a lifetime. Eyebrow transplantation is performed with the same techniques as in hair transplantation.

Things to Consider Before Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation can be applied to individuals at any age who have problems with their eyebrows. The average operation time is directly proportional to the number of grafts to be transplanted. It takes 1-3 hours on average. The needs of the person are determined and a common eyebrow shape is determined in direct proportion to the eyebrow model desired, and after the determined eyebrow shape, the grafts needed by the person are taken from the hairy area (between the two ears) with the help of micro motors with the FUE method. Channels are opened one by one according to need.

The method used for a more frequent and dense planting is the sowing with the Fine Sapphire Percutaneous Needle Method. The grafts taken are determined and additions are made to the drawn eyebrow spaces with the consent of the patient. The person who wants to have an eyebrow transplant first performs an examination with the doctor.

To create the eyebrow structure desired by the patient; how many roots are needed, what kind of eyebrow appearance will be made after the operation, is clarified with the sample drawing application and the operation is planned. It is recommended that the patient not use drugs with blood thinners, green tea and not drink alcohol for the last 48 hours before the operation.

On the day of the operation, the patient comes on a full stomach and first analyzes them and then the eyebrow drawings and eyebrow transplant operation planning are clarified. Eyebrow transplantation is a method that can be applied to people who do not want to be treated or who want a more permanent and real solution, eyebrows that have been treated but do not respond to treatment, or other than permanent make-up. In a few days, which does not affect the social life of the person much, the skin recovers and eyebrow formation occurs over time.

Time and process work. Over time, 30-35% of the transplanted eyebrows grow at the end of 3 months. When six months are completed, 60%-65% of the eyebrows come out. Since the process will take about a year to be completed completely, it is necessary to be patient after eyebrow transplantation. Especially in women, thickening and thickening are performed with the second session.

Since the skin is very sensitive and it is opened at certain intervals, excessive frequency causes damage and tears in the skin. Therefore, it would be more accurate to complete it with a second session for women with very sparse or less eyebrows. For male individuals, a single session will be sufficient as a less frequent and natural appearance is desired.

Eyebrow Transplant Stages

In the first stage of the operation; A rectangular area (a small area that will provide sufficient root removal for eyebrow transplantation) is shaved from the area called the donor area of the patient (the area between the two ears at the back of the head). Since a small rectangular area is shaved, when the patient opens his hair after the operation; Since hair will cover this area, the patient can easily return to his social life (all of the hair does not need to be shaved). The roots from the donor area shaved during the operation are collected one by one and kept in the organ transplant solution to preserve their vitality.

When the collection of the roots is completed, channels (holes) are opened one by one with thin percutaneous needles (percutaneous needles are very thin needles made of real sapphire) to the eyebrow area to be transplanted, remaining within the planned eyebrow drawing, and roots (grafts) that are kept in the organ transplant solution, which are kept in the organ transplant solution, are opened one by one. ) are carefully placed one by one. Considering the direction of the patient’s existing eyebrows, a natural look is easily achieved as a placement process is performed in the same direction.

After the roots are placed, detailed information is given by the patient’s doctor about the issues to be considered after the operation and the use of drugs after the operation.

Things to Consider During Eyebrow Transplantation

The eyebrow image that the person has to carry throughout his life should be taken into account, it should be done in the most correct way, otherwise it should not be difficult to return or cause bad results in terms of appearance. The general issues to be considered about eyebrow transplantation are as follows;

  • During eyebrow transplantation, it is necessary to maximize the number of channels in which the grafts will be transplanted.
  • Care should be taken to determine the number of grafts according to the eyebrow structure.
  • Considering the shape of the eyebrow, the directions of the channels should be determined correctly.
  • For a natural eyebrow transplant appearance, attention should be paid to single root removal.
  • After eyebrow transplantation, it is necessary to wait 10-15 days to go to places such as water baths and saunas.
  • Compelling sports should be avoided for at least 15 days after the procedure.
  • Washing should not be done for two days after eyebrow transplantation. Washing process is done by doctors in our clinic and training is given.

Eyebrow transplant graft number planning is planned by considering how many structures of the person and eyebrow loss is planned. It may vary according to the average requirement, so in some cases, between 100 and 250 grafts are transplanted. After the eyebrow transplantation process, which lasts for 2-3 hours, complete recovery may take up to 4-6 months.

The natural appearance of the eyebrows is completed in about 12 months. In case of not paying attention to the above important points during eyebrow transplantation; Weakness and reverse development can be seen due to wrong channel opening. Apart from these, using a millimetric special eyebrow transplant ruler while drawing before eyebrow transplantation will ensure that both eyebrows have parallel features.

How Does the Process After Eyebrow Transplantation Work?

On the second day after eyebrow transplantation, the patient comes to the first wash. The patient’s eyebrow area is washed and the patient is informed about how to wash for 10 days. The patient is invited for a check-up on the tenth day after the operation and if the crusts in the eyebrow area are still present, the eyebrows are cleared from the crusts with a final washing process and thus the planted roots are provided with oxygen.

As of the third month after the operation, the transplanted eyebrows begin to grow. It is obtained as a result of eyebrow transplant operation within an average of 8-10 months. After eyebrow transplantation, eyebrows transplanted for the first 12 months can grow faster, just like a hair. A clear eyebrow form is achieved 1 year after the operation.

Eyebrow transplant operations are performed with local anesthesia and the average operation time takes 1-2 hours. The patients are very satisfied with the natural eyebrow appearance after the operation and the eyebrows created by transplantation do not fall out again. You can contact us via the form below or by calling the call center for detailed information about the eyebrow transplant procedure performed in the hair transplant clinic.