Skin Care

We can say that skin care is the whole of the results obtained by using the products suitable for the needs of the skin regularly. Everyone has different skin structures. It is very important to know the skin structure and take care of it in order to eliminate the deficiencies. Thus, you can have healthier-looking, luminous skin. Not seeing the deficiencies of the skin, using products that are not suitable for the skin type, acne, scars, etc. It can cause different skin problems. Therefore, it is extremely important to do the right skin care.

What are the benefits of skin care?

Creating skin care routines with products specific to your own skin is very beneficial for your health. For example, using products that will provide moisture to your dry skin will destroy the exfoliated skin on your face and make your skin more vibrant. Likewise, if you are trying to deal with active acne, you can add anti-acne cleansers to your skin care routine and find solutions for future acne in advance. Excessive dryness of the skin, feeling of oiliness, acne, wounds, etc. All problems actually affect you psychologically. We all want to have smooth, vibrant, bright and acne-free skin. For this reason, it is necessary not to neglect skin care and to use products that will eliminate the deficiencies of the skin.

How often should skin care be done?

It is not correct to give a certain amount of time about the intervals at which you should do skin care. Dry skin should use and should take care of the time is different, acne-prone skin is different. You can consult your doctor about this issue or get information from the areas where you clean your skin care products. The important thing is to apply the necessary maintenance regularly. For example, if you have acne-prone skin and your skin care product offers you a weekly usage request, you must comply. Many skin care products show their effect actively with regular use.

What is peeling?

Pelling is a skin care product that purifies the skin from dead skin and accelerates blood circulation with its granular structure, allowing you to achieve a healthy appearance. By using peeling, you can remove the dead skin layer, especially around the nose. With New Well peeling products, it is possible to transform your skin into a healthier and more vibrant one, accompanied by pleasant scents!

How is peeling done?

How is peeling done? The answer to the question is quite simple. With the New Well Bioenergy series, you can exfoliate in a few minutes. New Well Bioenergy Bamboo Peeling, which you can apply to your skin quite simply, helps you gain a healthy appearance with the refreshing feature of bamboo. The 100% apricot particles in it prevent wrinkles on your skin and provide a one-to-one effect on skin protection.

If you have sensitive skin and the content of each peeling is not suitable for you, you will love the natural ingredient New Well Bioenergy Bamboo Peeling. With refreshing and purifying peeling products, your skin will be soft and moisturized.

Does peeling open pores?

Dirty air, make-up residues and many other things clog our pores. When the clogged pores are not cleaned effectively, acne starts to form. Therefore, it is very important to use effective products that will keep our pores clean. You can clean your pores using peeling. With their granular structure, peelings clean both dead skin and pores!

New Well Bioenergy Red Ginseng Peeling, with its red ginseng extracts, purifies your skin from dead skin and adds an extraordinary vitality to your skin. While the ginseng extract in the product’s formula refreshes the skin, the apricot granules soften the skin. You can add this product to your weekly care and get a great skin before make-up. Thus, skin products such as foundation will be integrated with your skin in a short time as the dead skin will disappear. Who does not want to have a smooth and velvety skin?

You can visit the New Well Skin Care category to purchase professional skin care products at the most affordable prices. You can browse the products suitable for your skin type and order with confidence.